Anyone afraid of mice?

This has been a shitty week and I mean really shitty week...I just hope after 2007 is over good things will come my way...

Draft drawings for the Publishing House I had the interview some months ago(yeap I got the job;)


Dean Loner Part 2

"Jesus Christ...This is impossible."

"I have no feelings whatsoever...Even now..."

"...that I am standing over her lifeless body. I feel nothing about her damn' it!And I got her into this story in the first place"

"Sebastian McRod. He owns the club where Matilda used to work. In fact...he owns the whole city...He even owns me!"


I am verry happy! Very happy indeed!!!Check this out!!! I designed the characters and did the storyboards (amongst other things :P) and now we put up a sample on youtube! The director/script writer is Dimitri Vorris and this is the first full-feature animated film born in Greece!


Merry Christmas!

For you ladies out there that you have already started thinking what to wear on New Year's Eve party and for the lads that started practising their flirting lines:)))))


Magazine Doodler

Not one of my favourite posts but i give you at least something. And yes more Dean Loner to come:P