Dean Loner

"I could hear his footsteps right behind me... I felt his breath, his eyes upon my shoulder... He is about to make a move.... And I have to make mine...No one ever gets Dean Loner!''

-"That's it Mr.Lawrey... Hand over the cash..."
-"Do you wanna arrest me, or steal me?"

-"Don't touch me!Can't you see?This is what I made you!You have to stay away from me Matilda!"
-"Too late Loner...Too late..."

Playing around with Wacom in Photoshop. I love Sin City...Can't you tell? Putting just a little bit of noir in it though:)))


dodos said...

Κι άλλο, κι άλλο (μάς κακομαθαίνεις)! ;-)
My own Wacom (a gift) never really worked, don't know why...

loleta said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I also think that you have a marvellous work, especially it he likes to me this ... we will continue in contact!! :-)

H.Constantinos said...

Very noir.
Μου αρέσει το κόκκινο σε αυτά τα σκηνικά, πολύ!

Angeliki said...

Hello ppl!

Dodo exw mono na sou pw oti einai 8ema e3askisis kai gw otan to prwtopira i8ela na tou ma8w na petaei apo to mpalkoni mou alla meta giname filarakia:)))

loleta thanks for your kind words:)

Kai mena to noir style einai to agapimeno mou constantine!!! To kokkino isws einai ligo ypervoliko alla eida to V for Vendeta prin merikes meres kai epireastika:D

Anonymous said...