Shoot me!!!

Αφιερωμένο σε όλους τους 'φωτολάγνους' που επισκέπτονται τη σελίδα μου!!!! ;) Ευχαριστώ παιδιά!


Miom miom!

Hungry anyone? ;)


Summer love!

I swear I've seen guys on the beach doing this;)



Different style - different mood! Trying to create more foxy things for a fashion magazine:)))


Dean Loner

"I could hear his footsteps right behind me... I felt his breath, his eyes upon my shoulder... He is about to make a move.... And I have to make mine...No one ever gets Dean Loner!''

-"That's it Mr.Lawrey... Hand over the cash..."
-"Do you wanna arrest me, or steal me?"

-"Don't touch me!Can't you see?This is what I made you!You have to stay away from me Matilda!"
-"Too late Loner...Too late..."

Playing around with Wacom in Photoshop. I love Sin City...Can't you tell? Putting just a little bit of noir in it though:)))


Theater - Ecology

A new threatical group here in Greece is making a very nice attempt of awakening ecological consciousness on young children. Talking about the stupidity of today's fashion which takes advantage of animals (a subject I am really concerned as well) and the destruction of our planet, they are making junior think about it the next time they'll pull a cat's tail...

The whole show is in Black-n-White and it is presented like the 9 0'clock news. The only color is the images on a screen. Here I give you some samples:)))

If you live in Athens or going to be in Athens in the next 2 months don't miss it! It's free and it has a point!!!


My film:)

Long before my film's final name 'Love in Disguise' was conceived it was called 'Shall we Dance?' which was waaaaay too obvious. For some of you who asked to see it well you can find it here . Video of the month from the European Animation Center in Greece:))) Enjoy!