Not my style really but it worths to try:)


Very rough...Keep up with me...

I know...I need to color it! I just wanted to share it! Cat's name?Merlin;)


A dog in a Greek Alley

It'a been a while since my last post, but here you go;)


I should really...really start life drawing again:P

I think I've seen 'Spirit'-Stallion of the Cimarron' 200 times already....Since yesterday:P


I'm in love!!!

First time I met a Mr.Horsie from so close! I was passing by with the car and he looked at me (or the car) going 'wow girl! Nice vehicle! hehehehe

Then I got off the car taking a great risk for my life since I never been around horses and I have no idea how they react...He looked at me and he let me caress his hair (which by the way were much better brushed than mine :P) He seemed very dissapointed when only after 1200 fotos I decided to go....

Next day I returned with sugar and apples but I think that pissed him off:P He started doing this thing with his feet (2nd picture from top) and standing on his back legs but he didn't seem aggressive...Just a bit overexcited to go close:PPPP

I have no clue of what his name is but I like to think his boss calls him "Yiakoumi'' cause that's what I called him....Come to think of it...That must probably pissed him off:P