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Well fella'....I'm gonna have t'arrest ya....Jus' follo' me....An' no screwin'round....



Fooling around with Wacom...


Chios Rulez!

You are not going to see me taking a turn in profession but these photographs come straight from my heart(and it has high resolution :PPP). I went to my home-island Chios (if a term like this exists in the rest of the world) and had a wonderful weekend.I was walking through the marketplace looking around at people saying hello to each other with their first names...So cozy and sincere... I feel I belong to this place although I always visit it through summer.My grandparents live there;the absolute excuse now that I have an income to visit it more often!

I went out on Saturday night with my sister.There's this oriental club which is like -the-place- of the island and we had a very cool night. Having said night...This photo was taken when we arrived home around 6 o' in the morning. Believe it or not we ate bread and feta...For those of you who don't know feta:....it's a long story:P The Coastline of Turkey can be seen in the distance. I just love this place in everyway!

Moving in the rear veranta of my grandparents house the wind is getting crazy and you will definately eat lots of hair unless you have taken some precautions(I didn't)! But it was worth it! Almost 9:30 at night and still you can see this breath-taking blue in the horizon. You can also hear loud music coming from the port where most clubs are (yes not a very pleasant feature when you are trying to get some sleep:P) . But this smell of the sea and jasmin from my gradma's balcony are divine! I love this place!Wait...Did I say that again?:P
Adamantios Korais statue. In the b/g is the main building (I think) of Aegeon University in Chios. Cute place and does much good to the island since it expands every year and starts getting a rather good reputation in specific studies(mainly having to do with the sea and boats and stuff:P)
I have plenty more fotos but they're mine-mine! I will be going soon to see my family and sister again so I will update this:)
Oh by the way....
When I die-please,please,please- burry me there and I will surely be in heaven;)