The Basic characters for the film-some are mine some are not! This is an (approximate:P) height comparison :)


Still images from my MA film

Well this was only some months ago but it feels like it has been ages....'Love in Disguise' my first attempt to traditionaly animate -and it won't be my last!!!-Two images: the one originaly scanned and the final look of it:).
The male character is Harry and the female character is Ethel...They both have a secret and of course they will both fall for each other;)

My first attempt to post:))))

Hey! Well, after seeing people blogging a lot and showing off their nice work I thought I could attempt to show my -not so nice but still viewable - work:D

Wish me luck!

This is the first page of a comic sequence that got me the first prize in a contest here in Greece...And believe me that was a surprise ^_^